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Vehicle Donation

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By donating a vehicle, RV, motorcycle, trailered boat or anything that has a title and wheels, you will save yourself the hassle and expense of trying to sell it yourself. All Saints is a selected partner with non-profit Charity Connections.

Charity Connections, through its over 200 non-profit partners, takes your donation where it sits. They transport, detail, do minor repairs, appraise and sell all donations. The best part of all is that 60% of the proceeds come back to All Saints. Using their contractors and expertise, everyone wins!

To make a donation, contact Chuck Martin at 503-236-3895, chuckmartin1@comcast.net,  or go to Charity Connections Vehicle Donation Program at this link:  http://charity-connections.org/index.php/site/partner-donate/all-saints-pdx select All Saints as Partner, and complete the form.