Tai Chi Classes

Tai ChiTai Chi Classes  All Saints offers a special health opportunity for our communicants and the community at large.  Jann Jasperse’s Shen Lao ministry at All Saints blends Christianity, Taoist Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the purpose of health by exercising the body, mind and spirit.  “Shen Lao Style Tai Chi Chuan” is taught on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 AM. The Wednesday class is for people who want to practice the form.  The Friday class goes through the form in detail as students learn the various layers including:  the movements, looking with intent, synchronized breathing and meditations.  People are invited to either or both classes as their schedule and interest allow. For more information, contact Jann Jaspers through the Church Office at 503-777-3829.2005_0127taichi00042005_0127taichi0005