Lay Readers

Lay Readers are those parishioners or youth that read at Sunday or special services.  If you would like to be a Lay Reader, please contact Larry Chalew-Fuller through the Church Office at 503-777-3829.

Intercessors are those Lay Readers that read the Prayers of the People.  The Intercessors at All Saints Episcopal Church help lead the congregation in prayers from the Book of Common Prayer or seasonal prayers as directed by the Worship and Advisory Committee.  The Intercessors pray also for fellow churches of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Oregon, and the Parish Cycle of Prayer,  Prayer requests are also included in the prayers that the Intercessors read on Sunday mornings.

Lectors are those Lay Readers that read the 1st and 2nd lessons at Sunday Worship or special services.


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