Leadership: Finance Chair, Stewardship Chair, Committee Members.

Liaison to Vestry: Treasurer and Vestry Appointed Member.

Purpose: To inform Vestry and Treasurer on Parish Finances, and to make recommendations to the Vestry regarding financial decision-making.

Description: Meets monthly to address issues related to budget and financial oversight, stewardship and gifting, fundraising and the Endowment.  Treasurer reports monthly to the Vestry.


Stewardship, Endowment

Endowment Trust Fund

All Saints Episcopal Church Endowment Trust Fund was established  in 2010. This allows donors to give to the work of the Church through bequests, charitable trusts, assignment of life insurance, donations of cash and other transfers of property. The purpose of the Endowment Fund Trust is to administer and to support the work of All Saints …


The Fundraising Committee seeks to plan one or more designated fund raising events with the purpose of raising additional funds to support specific work of the church, build the outreach capacity of work and giving, to meet designated projects of the church.  These events vary from year to year and may be one large event …


 The Stewardship Campaign is an annual event at All Saints where Parishioners indicate their support of All Saints by an annual pledge or designation of how they will provide support to the Parish and its ministry.  The Vestry solicits a Parishioner to lead this canvas effort each year.  Should you have questions about our annual …