Pastoral Care

Leadership: Chair of Pastoral Care, Rector, Clergy, Visiting LEMS, Committee Members, Administrative Assistant, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Committee Members.

Liaison to the Vestry: Rector

Purpose: To meet the Pastoral Care needs of All Saints Parishioners.

Description: Coordinates Pastoral Care for Parishioners in need.  Contacts or is contacted by Parishioners in need and reaches out to Parish Leaders and Staff for follow up on things like Eucharistic Visits, meals and service requests (set up through Administrative Assistant and E News), and Prayer Shawls.  Reports quarterly to the Vestry.

Psalm 139 Shawl Ministry

  Psalm 139 Shawl Ministry creates shawls that are a symbol of God’s healing love and are pray fully knitted and crocheted.  Shawls are given for many reasons and occasions.  These shawls stretch from Portland to across the USA, and around the world.  There are many different kinds of patterns and styles to suit both men …