Our Parish Stories and Treasures


All Saints Spring 1A Church History Committee has begun its work of sorting through the 110 years of the history of our parish and we are discovering some interesting things.  We learned that the original building and site were purchased in 1903 for $1,000, with $200 down and annual payments of $100!  Finding that first $200 required a bit of luck, judging by the then Bishop Morris’ report, but it got us started as the church we are today.  Also, the bell that rings before every one of our services was originally from the old Woodstock School.  So there are many details and stories about our parish and we of the committee believe that there are some of you out there who could add your stories to the legend of All Saints.  We hope to hear from some of the long-time members; but though you may not have been here 20 to 50 years, the Church has been an important part of your life and we would like to hear the stories of your experience at All Saints.  So jot down some meaningful period/experience or bring a picture that you want to share and let’s see how we may enrich the history of All Saints.  Lucille Pierce, Parish Historian

October 30, 2013

All Saints Bell

The All Saints Bell in our Bell Tower was cast by VanDuzen & Tiff Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Foundry, under a succession of names, was in existence from 1810 to 1951, when it closed.  The bell weighs about 225 pounds.  It was a Woodstock School Bell before All Saints acquired it.  The base of …

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George Jardine Tracker Pipe Organ

St. Paul’s Church Tivoli, New York 7 April, 1984 My Dear Brother:   Your new pipe organ left Tivoli yesterday late afternoon, and I want to congratulate you for acquiring it.  Perhaps you will be interested in knowing its background. During much of the Nineteenth Century, when Tivoli was a thriving river town, there lived …

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Our Parish Stories

Merle Andrews: My Church Family (In Memory of 1918-2014.) I always think of All Saints Episcopal Church as my “church family.” Others have been members longer, but I am among the oldest. We came to the small church in 1952. Then our children were Jim 7, Arthur 4, and Elinore 15. In a few years, …

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Sanctuary 14 Square Windows

The sweep and grandeur of the passage of Christianity from the British Isles to us here at All Saints’ in Portland is beautifully portrayed by the finely crafted stained-glass windows featured in the main sanctuary.  They are a vivid artistic vision of some of the historical steps along our journey as Anglican Christians. The windows …

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Sanctuary Rose Window

This unique Rose Window is entitled “The Martyrdom of the Twelve Apostles” and was created by the firm Whipple Mowbray of Exeter, England.  It was dedicated on March 25, 1973, and reflects the Gospel according to St. Mark (10:38), “Can you drink the cup that I must drink, or be baptized with the baptism with …

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Stained Glass Windows Chapel

    Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom come                   Thy will be done on earth As it is in heaven. Give us this day, Our daily bread               And forgive us our trespasses as …

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Stories of Our Seniors

We are writing this column so that the people of All Saints can better know the gifts we have among us in our senior members.   We begin with the stories of Dr. Warren and Jen Schafer.   Born in a small town in Colorado, Warren was the son of a farmer and a school teacher.  The year was …

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