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A community of All Saints people who are . . .




  • What is the nature of the clear, immediate and immense ecological crisis in our region and the world?
  • What are the impacts of this crisis on our families, our congregation, and our community?
  • What are the sources of this crisis?
  • What are the sources of spiritual wisdom and power we can draw on to creatively and powerfully engage this crisis, and create new possibilities with it?





  • To the astonishing 13.9 billion year story of God’s Creation.
  • To the glory of the world around us.
  • To God’s continuing acts of Creation, Incarnation, and Resurrection.



  • To our own actions that desecrate God’s Creation.
  • To those ways of our lives as humans that destroy, disrupt, and deplete “this fragile earth, our island home.”
  • To economic, political, social, and cultural forces that work to assault and plunder the sacred life of the planet.



  • To envisioning and living into a new world beyond fossil fuels.
  • To engaging in the Great Work of being co-creators as God gives birth to the New Creation.
  • To working for a planet worthy of our ancestors’ dream and our descendants’ well-being.


For more information please contact Craig Heverly through the Church Office at 503-777-3829.