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Ensemble Four

A New Focus on Music for Family Sunday:  This fall, we inaugurate Ensemble Four, joining together voices and instrumentalists from the Family Choir and Fourth Sunday Ensemble into one entity–a varied program for the young and young at heart, including

~Music inspired by the Taize and Iona communities

~Traditional Hymns



~and the best selections from contemporary and folk styles.

Do you sing? Do you sing with your family? We invite parents and children to help grow Ensemble Four together.  Do you play an instrument?  Accompaniments for music featured on Family Sunday are arranged for instruments of all types: guitar, keyboard, strings, winds, brass, and percussion.  Join us, and share your love of music while enhancing All Saints’ Worship Life.  To join up, or for further information, please contact Jim Denman through the Parish Office (503-777-3829), on his cell (503-927-6177). We look forward to celebrating and making music with you!