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Endowment Trust Fund

Endowment FundAll Saints Episcopal Church Endowment Trust Fund was established  in 2010. This allows donors to give to the work of the Church through bequests, charitable trusts, assignment of life insurance, donations of cash and other transfers of property. The purpose of the Endowment Fund Trust is to administer and to support the work of All Saints by growing in value through investments, gifts and bequests that provide annual support to Church activities in proportion to the growth of the Fund.

Donors may make two kinds of gifts to the Endowment Fund Trust. The first is to an Undesignated Purpose Account, which will be invested in the Diocese of Oregon Investment Fund to grow and will provide income of up to 5% of its January value each year to All Saints for purposes other than annual budgeted expenses.  The second is to a Designated Purpose Account. The monies in these accounts are specifically earmarked for programs or areas of the church as requested by the donor of the funds.